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Station Characteristics 2012-05-10/2141914043
GAW ID BLD Boulder ESRL HQ (CO) (United States)
WMO ID Regional station in WMO RA IV - North/Central America
station status established 1964-01-01 / full operation 39.99100°N 105.26100°W (1634 m a.s.l.)
time zone UTC-7
climate zone BSk (Steppe climate, cold arid)  
other affiliations NOAA-ESRL/AERO(BLD), GALION
description This NOAA station is situated on the south roof of NOAA’s David Skaggs Research Center in Boulder (CO). Dobson
observations started in 1964 on the east campus of the University of Colorado (40.01667°N, 105.25000°W) before the station was moved to the new location in 1999 (about 2.6 km SSW from the original site).
Picture of Boulder ESRL HQ (CO) facility

Measurement Program
type data center parameter method contributor data available details
Ozone WOUDC Total column ozone Dobson NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1964-01-02 ~ 2014-06-30
WOUDC Vertical ozone profile Umkehr method NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1978-02-23 ~ 2010-12-28
WOUDC Vertical ozone profile Umkehr method NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1978-02-23 ~ 2012-12-28
WOUDC Vertical ozone profile ECC Sonde NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1979-03-12 ~ 2008-07-11
WOUDC Vertical ozone profile Brewer-Mast Sonde NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1963-08-21 ~ 1966-07-13
Radiation Global solar radiation Eppley precision spectral pyranometer unknown 1977-01-01 ~ 1980-04-01

Contact Person(s)
name Dr. James Butler
325 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80303
United States
phone +1 303 497 6898
fax +1 303 492 6975
GAW function
station function

name Mr. Robert D. Evans
address NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory (ESRL) Global Monitoring Division
325 Broadway
Boulder, Colorado 80305
United States
phone +1 303 497 6679
fax +1 303 497 5590
GAW function Member of SAG Ozone, World Calibration Centre, GAW CCL (Reference Scale)
station function Primary station contact

Newchurch, MJ, et al. (2003), Vertical distribution of ozone at four sites in the United States, J. Geophys. Res, 108, 4031