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Station Characteristics 2009-08-11/0
GAW ID KCO Kaashidhoo (Male Atoll) (Maldives)
WMO ID Regional station in WMO RA II - Asia
station status established 02.03.1998 / closed 11.07.1999 4.97000°N 73.47000°E (1 m a.s.l.)
time zone UTC+5
climate zone Am (Equatorial monsoon)  
other affiliations AERONET(Kaashidhoo), NOAA-ESRL/CCG, NOAA-ESRL/AERO(KCO)
description This station was setup under a research project called INDOEX and has been closed since 1999. Picture of Kaashidhoo (Male Atoll) facility

Measurement Program
type parameter method contributor data available details
Greenhouse Gas CH4 ## Flask sampling NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1998-03-02 ~ 1999-07-15
CO2 ## Flask sampling NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1998-03-01 ~ 1999-07-15
CO2 [C-13] ## Flask sampling NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1998-03-01 ~ 1999-07-15
Ozone Vertical ozone profile ECC Sonde NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1999-01-27 ~ 1999-03-28

Contact Person(s)
name Mr. Bruce Vaughn
address University of Colorado Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
Campus box 450
Boulder, CO 80309-0450
United States
phone +1-303-492-7985
fax +1-303-492-6388
GAW function
station function Measurement leader [Greenhouse Gas: CO2 [C-13]]

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