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Station Characteristics 2009-08-11/0
GAW ID KCO Kaashidhoo (Male Atoll) (Maldives)
WMO ID Regional station in WMO RA II - Asia
station status established 1998-03-02 / closed 1999-07-11 4.97000°N 73.47000°E (1 m a.s.l.)
time zone UTC+5
climate zone Am (Equatorial monsoon)  
other affiliations AERONET(Kaashidhoo), NOAA-ESRL/CCG, NOAA-ESRL/AERO(KCO)
description This station was setup under a research project called INDOEX and has been closed since 1999. Picture of Kaashidhoo (Male Atoll) facility

Measurement Program
type data center parameter method contributor data available details
Ozone WOUDC Vertical ozone profile ECC Sonde NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1999-01-27 ~ 1999-03-28
Greenhouse Gas WDCGG CH4 ## Flask sampling NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1998-03-02 ~ 1999-07-15
WDCGG CO2 ## Flask sampling NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1998-03-01 ~ 1999-07-15
WDCGG CO2 [C-13] ## Flask sampling NOAA-ESRL-GMD 1998-03-01 ~ 1999-07-15

Contact Person(s)
name Mr. Bruce Vaughn
address University of Colorado Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research (INSTAAR)
Campus box 450
Boulder, CO 80309-0450
United States
phone +1-303-492-7985
fax +1-303-492-6388
GAW function
station function Measurement leader [Greenhouse Gas: CO2 [C-13]]

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