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Station Characteristics 2015-01-23/1689207423
GAW ID ETL East Trout Lake (Canada)
WMO ID Regional station in WMO RA IV - North/Central America
station status established 2005 / full operation 54.35374°N 104.98686°W (500 m a.s.l.)
time zone UTC-6
climate zone Dfc (Snow climate, fully humid, cool summer)  
other affiliations NOAA-ESRL/AERO(ETL)
description The East Trout Lake observatory is located 150 km North of Prince Albert close to the southern edge of a boreal forest region in central Saskatchewan at 54°21'N, 104°59'W and at an elevation of 492m above sea level. This site has forest fire influence during the summer and it is influenced by Arctic airmasses during the winter.

The observatory is situated in a small clearing of approximately 1 km2. 4 levels or meteorology and intake lines (95, 55, 33, 22m) are installed on a 105m SaskTel communication tower.

Continuous measurements of CO2, CH4, CO, N2O and SF6 begun in September 2005 to compliment the ongoing CO2 and water flux measurements at number of flux sites in this region. The program also includes weekly flask-sampling for CO2, CH4, CO, N2O, H2, SF6, 13C and 18O in CO2 as well as and weekly aircraft vertical profile sampling by NOAA for the same trace species as part of the North American Carbon Program (NACP). Aerosol optical and chemical measurements are in operation since May 2006. The terrain in the surrounding area is slightly rolling with vegetation primarily consisting of black spruce but the forest also consists of deciduous-type larch and trembling aspen.
Picture of East Trout Lake facility

Measurement Program
type data center parameter method contributor data available details
Aerosol Carbonaceous/organic material (fine) Thermo-optical analyzer (Sunset Labs) unknown
Light absorption coefficient, total aerosol Light absorption photometry unknown
Light scattering coefficient, total aerosol Nephelometry, integrating unknown
Major inorganic components (fine) Filter sampling + extraction + IC unknown
Number concentration Condensation particle counter (CPC) unknown
Greenhouse Gas WDCGG CH4 GC-FID EC 2005-08-01 ~ 2013-12-31
WDCGG CO2 Non-dispersive IR (NDIR) EC 2005-08-01 ~ 2013-12-31
CO2 ## Flask sampling EC
WDCGG CO2 [C-13] ## Flask sampling EC 2005-10-15 ~ 2010-03-28
WDCGG CO2 [O-18] ## Flask sampling EC 2005-10-15 ~ 2010-03-28
N2O ## Flask sampling EC
Reactive Gas WDCGG CO GC-FID EC 2005-08-01 ~ 2013-12-31
CO ## Flask sampling EC
NMHC ## Flask sampling unknown
Meteo Humidity Thermometer/-element EC
Pressure Barometer/Pressure sensor EC
Temperature Thermometer/-element EC
Wind direction Anemometer [general] EC
Wind speed Anemometer [general] EC

Contact Person(s)
name Dr. Lin Huang
address Measurement and Analysis Research Division Meteorological Service of Canada
4905 Dufferin St.
Downsview, Ontario M3H 5T4
phone +1 (416) 739 58 21
url EC
GAW function
station function Measurement leader [Aerosol: Carbonaceous/organic material (fine), Greenhouse Gas: CO2 [C-13], Greenhouse Gas: CO2 [O-18]]

name Sangeeta Sharma
address Environment Canada, Climate Chemistry Measurements Research
4905 Dufferin Street
Downsview, Ontario M3H 5T4
phone +1 (416) 739 58 20
fax +1 (416) 739 57 04
url EC
GAW function
station function Measurement leader [Aerosol: Light absorption coefficient, total aerosol, Aerosol: Light scattering coefficient, total aerosol, Aerosol: Major inorganic components (fine), Aerosol: Number concentration]

name Mr. Doug Worthy
address Environment Canada, Climate Research Division
4905 Dufferin Street
Downsview, Ontario M3H 5T4
phone +1 (416) 739 46 83
fax +1 (416) 739 46 64
GAW function Member of SAG Greenhouse Gases
station function Measurement leader [Greenhouse Gas: CH4, Greenhouse Gas: CO2, Greenhouse Gas: CO2, Greenhouse Gas: N2O, Greenhouse Gas: N2O, Greenhouse Gas: SF6, Meteo: Humidity, Meteo: Pressure, Meteo: Temperature, Meteo: Wind direction, Meteo: Wind speed, Reactive Gas: CO, Reactive Gas: CO, Reactive Gas: NMHC]

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