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This web page serves as the clearing house for unique station identifiers for monitoring sites/platforms/stations operating within Global Atmosphere Watch (GAW) as well as other programmes. The initial focus is on ground-based fixed stations. The goal is to assign a unique 3-letter identifier to each known station with a long-term atmospheric monitoring purpose. This process should be based on consensus as much as possible. We invite the community to participate, because we would like these codes to find acceptance. Your assistance is essential!
Please share this web address with anyone you know might have a stake in this process.
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Tables of identifiers in use
Tables of used station identifiers can be found here.
Register a New Station and Request Identifier
Why 3-letter codes?
The reasons for choosing 3-letter codes as unique station identifiers were
1) They are relatively easy to remember.
2) They have been and are being used in a number of programs already.
3) There are 17576 unique possibilities based on a 26-letter alphabet, which should be sufficient to accomodate existing and new stations for the foreseeable future.
Questions and comments
Please direct any question you might have to the GAWSIS administrator.