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Stations matching criteria (total: 988)

  WMO RA / Country Station GAWID Station Type Operating Status Coordinates Elevation
            (m a.s.l.)  
  I - Africa
  Algeria Assekrem ASK Global full operation 23.27N 5.63E 2710
  Algeria Columb-Bchar BEC Regional closed 31.63N 2.25W 806
  Algeria Tamanrasset TAM Global full operation 22.78N 5.52E 1377
  Benin, R. of Cotonou COT Regional closed 6.21N 2.23E 10
  Benin, R. of Djougou DJG Contributing full operation 9.65N 1.73E 430
  Botswana Maun DMS Regional intermittent operation 19.98S 23.43E 928
  Cabo Verde Cape Verde Atmospheric Observatory CVO Global full operation 16.86N 24.87W 10
  Cameroon Zotl ZTL Contributing full operation 3.25N 11.88E 720
  Congo Bomassa BMS Contributing full operation 2.20N 16.33E 350
  Congo Brazzaville BZV Regional closed 4.28S 15.25E 314
  Congo, D. R. of the Bunia BNI Regional closed 1.50N 30.22E 1239
  Congo, D. R. of the Leopoldville/Kinshasa LEO Regional closed 4.30S 15.55E 450
  Cte dIvoire Lamto LTO Regional full operation 6.22N 5.03W 155
  Egypt Aswan ASW Regional full operation 23.97N 32.78E 194
  Egypt Cairo CAI Regional full operation 30.08N 31.28E 35
  Egypt Farafra FRF Regional full operation 27.06N 27.99E 92
  Egypt Hurghada HUR Regional full operation 27.42N 33.75E 7
  Egypt Marsa Matrh MRS Regional full operation 31.33N 27.22E 35
  Egypt Sidi-Barrani SDB Regional full operation 31.45N 25.15E 24
  Egypt Siwa SIW Regional closed 29.25N 25.15E 3
  France Amsterdam Island AMS Global full operation 37.80S 77.54E 70
  France Crozet CRZ Regional full operation 46.43S 51.83E 120
  France La Runion RUN Regional full operation 21.08S 55.38E 2160
  France Port-aux-Franais (Iles Kergulen) KER Regional full operation 49.35S 70.28E 29
  Kenya Malindi MLD Regional closed 2.99S 40.19E 0
  Kenya Mt. Kenya MKN Global full operation 0.06S 37.30E 3678
  Kenya Nairobi NRB Regional full operation 1.30S 36.75E 1795
  Malawi Lilongwe LIL Regional closed 13.78S 33.78E 1228
  Mali Katibougou KBG Contributing full operation 12.93N 7.53E 290
  Morocco Beni Mellal BML Regional intermittent operation 32.37N 6.40W 468
  Morocco Casablanca CAB Regional full operation 33.57N 7.20W 56
  Morocco Ifrane IFR Regional intermittent operation 33.50N 5.17W 1665
  Mozambique Maputo MPT Regional unknown 25.97S 32.60E 70
  Mozambique Nampula NMP Regional unknown 15.10S 39.28E 440
  Namibia Etosha Pan ETP Regional closed 19.20S 15.90E 1100
  Namibia Gobabeb NMB Regional full operation 23.57S 15.03E 408
  Niger Banizoumbou BNZ Contributing full operation 13.52N 2.63E 220
  Nigeria Ilorin ILO Contributing intermittent operation 8.53N 4.57E 350
  Nigeria Lagos LAG Regional full operation 6.60N 3.30E 10
  Nigeria Oshogbo OSG Regional intermittent operation 7.80N 4.50E 300
  Portugal Funchal (Madeira) FUN Regional full operation 32.65N 16.88W 58
  Senegal Bambey BBY Regional closed 14.70N 16.47W 17
  Seychelles Mah SEY Regional full operation 4.67S 55.17E 3
  South Africa Amersfoort AMF Contributing full operation 27.07S 29.87E 1608
  South Africa Cape Point CPT Global full operation 34.35S 18.49E 230
  South Africa De Aar DAA Regional intermittent operation 30.66S 23.99E 1287
  South Africa Irene IRE Regional full operation 25.91S 28.22E 1524
  South Africa Louis Trichardt LTR Contributing full operation 22.99S 30.02E 1465
  South Africa Marion Island MAR Regional closed 46.87S 37.85E 20
  South Africa Pretoria PRT Regional closed 25.73S 28.18E 1369
  South Africa Skukuza SKK Contributing full operation 24.99S 31.58E
  South Africa Springbok SPK Regional full operation 29.67S 17.90E 1006
  Spain Izaa (Tenerife) IZO Global full operation 28.31N 16.50W 2373
  Spain Santa Cruz (Tenerife) SCO Regional full operation 28.47N 16.25W 52
  Tunisia Thala THA Regional intermittent operation 36.55N 8.68E 1091
  United Kingdom Ascension Island ASC Regional full operation 7.97S 14.40W 91
  United Kingdom St. Helena SNH Regional closed 15.93S 5.65W 460
  II - Asia
  China Gonghe GGH Contributing closed 36.27N 100.6E 2860
  China Hok Tsui / Cape d Aguilar HKG Regional full operation 22.21N 114.3E 60
  China King's Park HKO Regional full operation 22.31N 114.2E 65
  China Kunming KUN Contributing full operation 25.03N 102.2E 1917
  China Lhasa LHS Contributing full operation 29.40N 91.03E 3633
  China Linan LAN Regional full operation 30.18N 119.4E 139
  China Longfengshan LFS Regional full operation 44.73N 127.6E 331
  China Mt. Waliguan WLG Global full operation 36.29N 100.9E 3810
  China Shangdianzi SDZ Regional full operation 40.65N 117.1E 287
  China Xhianghe XIA Contributing full operation 39.75N 117.0E 35
  China Yuen Ng Fun YNF Regional closed 22.38N 114.3E 86
  India Ahmadabad AHM Regional full operation 23.02N 72.65E 55
  India Allahabad ALH Regional full operation 25.45N 81.73E 98
  India Cape Rama CRI Contributing intermittent operation 15.08N 73.83E 60
  India Dum Dum DDM Regional full operation 22.65N 88.45E 11
  India Hanle HLE Non-GAW (international) full operation 32.78N 78.96E 4517
  India Jodhpur JDP Regional full operation 26.30N 73.02E 217
  India Kodaikanal KDK Regional full operation 10.00N 77.47E 2343
  India Minicoy MNC Regional full operation 8.30N 73.00E 2
  India Mohanbari MHB Regional full operation 27.48N 95.02E 111
  India Mount Abu MAB Regional closed 24.60N 72.72E 1220
  India Mumbai/Bombay BOM Regional full operation 19.12N 72.85E 14
  India Nagpur NGP Regional full operation 21.10N 79.05E 310
  India New Delhi NDL Regional full operation 28.63N 77.18E 216
  India Port-Blair PBL Regional full operation 11.67N 92.72E 79
  India Pune PNA Regional full operation 18.53N 73.85E 559
  India Srinagar SRN Regional full operation 34.08N 74.83E 1587
  India Trivandrum TVM Regional full operation 8.48N 76.95E 60
  India Varanasi/Banaras VNS Regional full operation 25.30N 83.02E 76
  India Vishakhapatnam VSK Regional full operation 17.72N 83.33E 72
  Iran, Islamic R. of Esfahan EFH Regional unknown 32.48N 51.43E 1550
  Iran, Islamic R. of Mt. Aminabad MAM Regional full operation 35.70N 52.59E 2986
  Iran, Islamic R. of Tehran University TEH Regional unknown 35.44N 51.23E 1419
  Iraq Hawr al Habbaniyah / Ar Ramadi HAH Regional closed 33.37N 43.57E 44
  Japan Cape Ochiishi COI Contributing full operation 43.17N 145.5E 49
  Japan Chiba CBU Contributing intermittent operation 35.62N 140.1E 20
  Japan Fukue FKE Contributing full operation 32.75N 128.7E 50
  Japan Fukuoka FKO Contributing full operation 33.52N 130.5E 30
  Japan Hamamatsu HMM Contributing unknown 34.72N 137.7E 29
  Japan Hateruma Island HAT Contributing full operation 24.05N 123.8E 10
  Japan Hedo (Okinawa) HDO Contributing full operation 26.87N 128.3E 60
  Japan Kagoshima KAG Regional full operation 31.55N 130.6E 31
  Japan Kisai KIS Contributing full operation 36.08N 139.6E 13
  Japan Kiso KSO Contributing closed 35.80N 137.6E
  Japan Matsue MTS Contributing full operation 35.48N 133.0E 5
  Japan Memanbetsu MMB Contributing closed 43.92N 144.2E 33
  Japan Mikawa-Ichinomiya MKW Contributing full operation 34.85N 137.4E 50
  Japan Minamitorishima MNM Global full operation 24.29N 154.0E 8
  Japan Moshiri MOS Contributing full operation 44.40N 142.3E 200
  Japan Mt. Dodaira DDR Contributing full operation 36.00N 139.2E 840
  Japan Nagasaki NGS Contributing full operation 32.94N 130.0E 206
  Japan Nagoya NGY Contributing closed 35.15N 137.0E 35
  Japan Naha NAH Regional full operation 26.20N 127.7E 27
  Japan Niigata NIG Contributing full operation 37.84N 138.9E 1
  Japan Osaka OSK Contributing full operation 34.65N 135.6E 19
  Japan Rikubetsu RKB Contributing full operation 43.50N 143.8E 370
  Japan Ryofu Maru RYF Mobile full operation 0
  Japan Ryori RYO Regional full operation 39.03N 141.8E 260
  Japan Sapporo SAP Regional full operation 43.06N 141.3E 26
  Japan Sendai SED Contributing full operation 38.26N 140.8E 154
  Japan Suita SUI Contributing closed 34.82N 135.5E 63
  Japan Takayama TKY Contributing full operation 36.15N 137.4E 1420
  Japan Tateno (Tsukuba) TKB Regional full operation 36.05N 140.1E 31
  Japan Tokyo TKO Contributing full operation 35.69N 139.7E 42
  Japan Torishima TOR Contributing closed 30.48N 140.3E 83
  Japan Toyama TYM Contributing full operation 36.70N 137.1E 28
  Japan Urawa URW Contributing closed 35.87N 139.6E 10
  Japan Yonagunijima YON Regional full operation 24.47N 123.0E 30
  Kazakhstan Almaty ATY Regional full operation 43.14N 76.56E 851
  Kazakhstan Aral Sea ARS Regional full operation 46.47N 61.39E 62
  Kazakhstan Atyray AYY Regional full operation 47.03N 51.85E -1
  Kazakhstan Borovoe BRV Regional full operation 53.12N 70.28E 0
  Kazakhstan Karaganda KGD Regional full operation 49.48N 73.09E 553
  Kazakhstan Plateau Assy KZM Regional full operation 43.25N 77.88E 2519
  Kazakhstan Sary Taukum KZD Regional full operation 44.45N 77.57E 412
  Kazakhstan Semipalatinsk SPI Regional full operation 50.25N 80.18E 196
  Korea, R. of Anmyeon-do AMY Regional full operation 36.54N 126.3E 46
  Korea, R. of Cheju CHE Regional closed 33.50N 126.5E 300
  Korea, R. of Daejeon DJN Contributing intermittent operation 36.33N 127.3E 80
  Korea, R. of Gosan GSN Regional full operation 33.28N 126.2E 72
  Korea, R. of Jeju Gosan Regional full operation 33.18N 126.1E 52
  Korea, R. of Pohang POH Regional full operation 36.03N 129.4E 6
  Korea, R. of Seoul SEO Regional full operation 37.57N 126.9E 84
  Korea, R. of Tae-ahn Peninsula TAP Regional full operation 36.73N 126.1E 20
  Kyrgyzstan Issyk-Kul ISK Regional full operation 42.62N 76.98E 1640
  Maldives Gan (Addu Atoll) GAN Regional closed 0.68S 73.15E 2
  Maldives Kaashidhoo (Male Atoll) KCO Regional closed 4.97N 73.47E 1
  Mongolia Sainshand SSH Regional closed 45.00N 110.0E 940
  Mongolia Ulaan Uul UUM Regional full operation 44.45N 111.1E 914
  Mongolia Ulaanbaatar UBT Contributing full operation 47.92N 106.9E 1320
  Mongolia Zamynuud ZMU Contributing full operation 43.72N 111.9E 962
  Nepal Nepal Climate Observatory - Pyramid PYR Global full operation 27.96N 86.81E 5079
  Other Pacific Islands Chenggong CHG Regional full operation 23.10N 121.4E 34
  Other Pacific Islands Lulin LLN Contributing full operation 23.47N 120.9E 2862
  Other Pacific Islands Taipei CWB Regional full operation 25.02N 121.5E 5
  Pakistan Quetta QTA Regional full operation 30.19N 66.95E 1799
  Russian Federation Barguzin BGZ Regional closed 54.20N 109.5E 250
  Russian Federation Bering Island BER Regional closed 55.20N 166.0E 13
  Russian Federation Bol'shaya Elan BSH Regional full operation 46.92N 142.7E 22
  Russian Federation Dikson Island DXO Regional intermittent operation 73.50N 80.23E 18
  Russian Federation Hanty Mansijsk XMS Regional full operation 60.97N 69.07E 40
  Russian Federation Heiss Island HED Regional closed 80.62N 58.10E 20
  Russian Federation Igarka IFY Regional closed 67.47N 86.57E 20
  Russian Federation Irkutsk IRK Regional full operation 52.26N 104.3E 467
  Russian Federation Khuzhir HZR Regional full operation 53.20N 107.3E 487
  Russian Federation Kotelnyj Island KOT Regional full operation 76.00N 137.9E 5
  Russian Federation Krasnoyarsk KRS Regional full operation 56.00N 92.88E 137
  Russian Federation Markovo MRK Regional full operation 64.68N 170.4E 22
  Russian Federation Nagaevo NGV Regional full operation 59.58N 150.8E 118
  Russian Federation Nikolayevsk-na-Amure NKA Regional full operation 53.15N 140.7E 46
  Russian Federation Olenek OLN Regional full operation 68.50N 112.4E 127
  Russian Federation Omsk OMS Regional full operation 54.93N 73.40E 119
  Russian Federation Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy PTK Regional full operation 52.97N 158.8E 78
  Russian Federation Salekhard SKD Contributing full operation 67.50N 67.50E 419
  Russian Federation Sikhote-Alin' Biosphere Reserve (Terney) SAI Regional full operation 45.00N 136.6E 51
  Russian Federation Skovorodino SKV Regional closed 54.00N 124.0E -1
  Russian Federation Tiksi TIK Regional full operation 71.59N 128.9E 8
  Russian Federation Tomsk DFE Regional full operation 56.50N 85.10E 170
  Russian Federation Tura TUR Regional full operation 64.17N 100.1E 94
  Russian Federation Turukhansk TRH Regional full operation 65.78N 87.90E 38
  Russian Federation Ust'-Vym' (Syktyvkar - I) USV Regional full operation 62.23N 50.40E 106
  Russian Federation Vitim VTM Regional full operation 59.45N 112.6E 186
  Russian Federation Vladivostok VLB Regional full operation 43.12N 131.9E 80
  Russian Federation Yakutsk YAK Regional closed 62.08N 129.8E 98
  Russian Federation Yekaterinburg / Sverdlovsk SVR Regional full operation 56.80N 60.63E 290
  Russian Federation Zhigansk ZHI Contributing full operation 66.79N 123.4E 50
  Russian Federation Zvenigorod ZVG Contributing full operation 55.70N 36.80E 184
  Saudi Arabia Solar Village (Riyadh) SVO Contributing full operation 24.65N 48.77E 650
  Tajikistan Dushanbe DUS Regional closed 38.57N 67.77E 800
  Thailand Bangna Bangkok BKK Regional full operation 13.67N 100.6E 53
  Thailand Phimai PHM Contributing full operation 15.18N 102.6E 212
  Thailand Songkhla SKH Regional full operation 7.18N 100.6E 4
  Turkmenistan Ashgabat ASG Regional closed 37.97N 58.32E 200
  Turkmenistan Chardzhev CHZ Regional closed 39.67N 63.60E 191
  United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi ADB Regional full operation 24.45N 54.32E 20
  United Arab Emirates Al Safa ASF Regional unknown 25.19N 55.24E 5
  United Arab Emirates Deira DEI Regional unknown 25.26N 55.32E 5
  United Arab Emirates Jebel Ali Port JAP Regional unknown 25.01N 55.08E 5
  United Arab Emirates Jebel Ali Village JAV Regional unknown 25.04N 55.11E 5
  United Arab Emirates Mushrif MUS Regional unknown 25.21N 55.45E 5
  Uzbekistan Chatcal Reserve CTR Regional unknown 41.10N 60.50E 1250
  Uzbekistan Kyzylcha KYZ Regional closed 40.87N 66.15E 340
  Viet Nam Hanoi AAR Regional full operation 21.20N 105.8E 25
  Viet Nam Pha Din Regional full operation 21.57N 103.5E 1466
  Viet Nam Tan Son Hoa TSH Contributing intermittent operation 10.79N 106.7E 13
  III - South America
  Argentina Buenos Aires Observatorio BSO Regional full operation 34.59S 58.48W 25
  Argentina Comodoro Rivadavia Aero CMR Regional full operation 45.78S 67.50W 46
  Argentina La Quiaca Observatorio LQO Regional full operation 22.10S 65.60W 3459
  Argentina Pilar Observatorio PIL Regional full operation 31.40S 63.53W 339
  Argentina Rio Gallegos RGG Contributing full operation 51.60S 69.32W 5
  Argentina San Julian Aero SJA Regional full operation 49.30S 67.82W 62
  Argentina Tierra del Fuego TDF Regional full operation 54.82S 68.32W 30
  Argentina Ushuaia USH Global full operation 54.85S 68.31W 18
  Bolivia Chacaltaya CHC Regional full operation 16.20S 68.10W 5320
  Bolivia La Paz-Ovejuyo LPZ Regional closed 16.52S 68.03W 3420
  Brazil Arembepe ABP Global intermittent operation 12.77S 38.17W 0
  Brazil Bauru BAU Contributing full operation 22.35S 49.03W 300
  Brazil Brasilia BRB Regional full operation 15.94S 47.89W 1127
  Brazil Cachoeira-Paulista CCP Regional full operation 23.50S 46.20W 792
  Brazil Cuiaba CUI Regional full operation 16.00S 56.00W 600
  Brazil Florianopolis FLO Contributing closed 27.53S 48.52W 11
  Brazil Manaus MAO Contributing full operation 2.60S 60.21W 45
  Brazil Maxaranguape (Natal) MAX Regional full operation 5.42S 35.38 42
  Brazil Natal NAT Regional full operation 6.00S 35.20W 0
  Brazil Porto Nacional PTN Regional unknown 10.80S 48.40W 240
  Brazil S.Jos dos Campos SJC Regional full operation 23.00S 46.00W 600
  Brazil Sao Paulo SPU Contributing full operation 23.56S 46.74W 760
  Brazil So Paulo Transportable Station I SPT Contributing intermittent operation
  Chile CEFOP Universidad de Concepcion CUC Contributing full operation 36.84S 73.03W 170
  Chile Easter Island EIC Regional full operation 27.17S 109.4W 41
  Chile El Tololo TLL Regional full operation 30.17S 70.80W 2220
  Chile Puerto Montt PUM Regional closed 41.45S 72.83W 5
  Chile Punta Arenas PAR Contributing full operation 53.14 70.88 3
  Chile Torres del Paine TDP Regional closed 51.08S 72.58W
  Chile Valdivia VAL Regional intermittent operation 39.62S 73.08W 19
  Colombia Bogot BGT Regional full operation 4.60N 74.08W 2541
  Colombia Las Gaviotas LGV Regional closed 4.55N 70.92W 171
  Colombia Leticia LTC Regional closed 4.20S 69.94W 84
  Colombia LOA-UNAL MEC Contributing intermittent operation 6.26N 75.58W 1463
  Colombia Pasto PTO Regional full operation 1.23N 77.28W 2560
  Colombia Riohacha RIO Regional closed 11.53N 72.92W 4
  Ecuador San Cristobal SCR Regional full operation 0.90S 89.61W 8
  France Kourou KOU Regional closed 5.33N 52.65W 4
  Paraguay San Lorenzo SNL Regional full operation 25.37S 57.55W 133
  Peru Chilca CIC Regional closed 12.50S 76.80W 1
  Peru Huancayo HUA Regional closed 12.15S 75.57W 4575
  Peru Marcapomacocha MPO Regional full operation 11.40S 76.33W 4500
  Suriname Paramaribo PMO Regional full operation 5.81N 55.21W 23
  United Kingdom Bird Island (South Georgia) SGI Regional full operation 54.01S 38.05W 30
  United Kingdom King Edward Point (South Georgia) KEP Contributing full operation 54.28S 36.49W 15
  United Kingdom Stanley (Falkland Islands) STY Regional closed 51.70S 57.87W 51
  Uruguay Salto Grande SAG Regional full operation 31.38S 57.95W 34
  IV - North/Central America
  Antigua and Barbuda Coolidge Field CLF Regional closed 17.09N 61.81W 10
  Barbados Ragged Point RPB Regional full operation 13.17N 59.43W 45
  Canada Abbotsford ABT Regional full operation 49.01N 122.3W 60
  Canada Alert ALT Global full operation 82.50N 62.34W 210
  Canada Algoma ALG Regional full operation 47.03N 84.37W 411
  Canada Asquith ASQ Regional unknown 52.14N 107.1W 519
  Canada Baker Lake BLK Regional full operation 64.33N 96.01W 49
  Canada Bay D Espoir-B BEB Regional full operation 47.99N 55.82W 190
  Canada Bay D'Espoir BAB Regional closed 47.99N 55.82W 190
  Canada Behchoko BCK Regional full operation 62.80N 115.9E 184
  Canada Bonner Lake BON Regional full operation 49.38N 82.12W 245
  Canada Bratt's Lake BRA Regional full operation 50.20N 104.7W 580
  Canada Cambridge Bay CBY Regional full operation 69.13N 105.1W 25
  Canada Candle Lake CDL Regional closed 53.99N 105.1W 591
  Canada Cape St. James CSJ Regional closed 51.93N 131.0W 89
  Canada Chalk River CHA Regional full operation 46.06N 77.40W 184
  Canada Chapais CPS Regional full operation 49.82N 74.97W 383
  Canada Chibougamau CHM Regional closed 49.69N 74.34W 383
  Canada Churchill CHL Regional full operation 58.74N 93.82W 16
  Canada Cold Lake COL Regional closed 54.78N 110.1W 702
  Canada Cormak COR Regional full operation 49.32N 57.38W 168
  Canada Dorset DOR Regional closed 45.22N 78.93W 320
  Canada Downsview DWS Regional full operation 43.78N 79.47W 184
  Canada East Trout Lake ETL Regional full operation 54.35N 105.0W 500
  Canada Edmonton EDT Regional full operation 53.55N 114.1W 766
  Canada Egbert EGB Regional full operation 44.23N 79.78W 255
  Canada Estevan Point ESP Regional full operation 49.38N 126.5W 7
  Canada Esther EST Regional intermittent operation 51.67N 110.2W 707
  Canada Eureka EUK Regional full operation 80.05N 86.42W 610
  Canada Experimental Lakes Area ELA Regional full operation 49.67N 93.72W 369
  Canada Fort McKay (South) FMS Regional full operation 57.15N 111.6W 268
  Canada Fort Nelson FNE Regional full operation 58.84N 122.6W 377
  Canada Fraserdale FSD Regional full operation 49.84N 81.52W 210
  Canada Frelighsburg FRE Regional full operation 45.05N 75.86W 203
  Canada Gimli GIM Regional closed 50.63N 97.05W 228
  Canada Goose GSE Regional closed 53.31N 60.37W 30
  Canada Goose Bay GOB Regional full operation 53.29N 60.39W 39
  Canada Halifax HFX Regional full operation 44.73N 63.20W 31
  Canada Hanlan's Point HNP Regional full operation 43.61N 79.39W 75
  Canada Harcourt HCT Regional closed 46.48N 65.26W 45
  Canada Harcourt B HAB Regional full operation 46.49N 65.27W 37
  Canada Inuvik INU Regional full operation 68.32N 133.5W 107
  Canada Iqualuit IQU Regional unknown 63.75N 68.55W 20
  Canada Jackson JAC Regional full operation 45.59N 63.84W 90
  Canada Kejimkujik KEJ Regional full operation 44.43N 65.21W 127
  Canada Kelowna KLW Regional unknown 49.97N 119.4W 431
  Canada Lac Edouard LED Regional full operation 47.68N 72.44W 243
  Canada Lac La Biche (Alberta) LLB Regional full operation 54.95N 112.5W 548
  Canada London (Ontario) LXY Contributing closed 43.01N 81.27W 100
  Canada Longwoods LON Regional full operation 42.88N 81.48W 239
  Canada Mingan MIN Regional intermittent operation 50.27N 64.22W 14
  Canada Montreal MTL Regional full operation 45.48N 73.60W 24
  Canada Moosonee MOO Regional unknown 51.27N 80.65W 10
  Canada Mould Bay MBC Regional closed 76.25N 119.3W 58
  Canada Nitchequon NCQ Regional closed 53.20N 70.90W 550
  Canada Pickle Lake PKL Regional intermittent operation 51.54N 90.20W 370
  Canada Resolute RSL Regional full operation 74.72N 94.98W 64
  Canada Sable Island WSA Regional full operation 43.93N 60.01W 2
  Canada Saskatoon SKT Regional full operation 52.12N 106.7W 550
  Canada Saturna Island SAT Regional full operation 48.78N 123.1W 178
  Canada Snare Rapids SNA Regional full operation 63.52N 116.0W 240
  Canada Sprucedale SPR Regional full operation 45.42N 79.49W 350
  Canada Sutton SUT Regional closed 45.08N 72.68W 243
  Canada Toronto TOT Regional full operation 43.78N 79.47W 198
  Canada Toronto Atmospheric Observatory TAO Regional full operation 43.66N 79.40W 110
  Canada Turkey Point TPD Regional full operation 42.64N 80.55W 231
  Canada Vanscoy VCY Regional unknown 52.20N 107.3W 510
  Canada Walsingham WSH Contributing full operation 42.60N 80.60W 200
  Canada Warsaw Caves WAR Regional full operation 44.43N 78.13W 230
  Canada Whistler Mountain WHI Regional full operation 50.06N 123.0W 2182
  Canada Winnipeg WPG Regional full operation 49.90N 97.23W 239
  Canada Yarmouth YAR Regional unknown 43.87N 66.10W 9
  Canada Yorkton YOR Regional closed 51.26N 102.5W 504
  Colombia San Andrs SAS Regional closed 12.59N 81.70W 1
  Costa Rica Alajuela ALC Contributing intermittent operation 9.98N 84.21W 899
  Costa Rica Heredia HEC Contributing full operation 10.00 84.07 1144
  Cuba La Habana LHB Regional full operation 23.15N 82.35W 50
  Cuba La Palma PLM Regional full operation 22.75N 83.53W 47
  Denmark Station Nord SNO Regional full operation 81.60N 16.66W 24
  Mexico Cerrillos CER Regional closed 19.48N 99.72W 2640
  Mexico Mex High Altitude Global Climate Observation Center MEX Non-GAW (international) full operation 19.98N 97.17W 4560
  Mexico Mexico City MXC Regional full operation 19.32N 99.17W 2268
  Panama Albrook ARK Regional closed 8.98N 79.55W 66
  Panama David City DVC Contributing full operation 8.40N 82.42W 27
  Panama Fort Sherman FSM Regional closed 9.33N 79.98W 57
  Panama Santiago City STG Regional full operation 8.10N 80.42W 140
  Panama University of Panama UPA Contributing full operation 8.98N 79.53W 50
  United Kingdom Bermuda BMD Contributing full operation 32.37N 64.70W 8
  United Kingdom St. David's Head BME Regional full operation 32.37N 64.65W 30
  United Kingdom Tudor Hill (Bermuda) BMW Regional full operation 32.27N 64.88W 30
  United States Acadia (ME) ACA Contributing full operation 44.38N 68.26W 122
  United States Ainsworth Airport (NE) ANW Contributing closed 42.58N 100.0W 789
  United States Albuquerque (NM) ABQ Regional full operation 35.04N 106.6W 1617
  United States Appalachian State University APP Contributing full operation 36.21N 81.69W 1076
  United States Argyle (ME) AMT Contributing full operation 45.03N 68.68W 50
  United States Atlanta (GA) ATL Contributing closed 33.75 84.42 315
  United States Barrow (AK) BRW Global full operation 71.32N 156.6W 11
  United States Baton Rouge (LA) BTR Regional full operation 30.36N 91.17W 7
  United States Bedford (LA) BED Regional closed 42.45N 71.27W 80
  United States Beltsville (MD) BEL Regional full operation 39.02N 76.95W 34
  United States Big Bend (TX) BBE Contributing full operation 29.30 103.2 1052
  United States Billings (OK) BIL Regional full operation 36.62N 97.50W 317
  United States Bismarck (ND) BMK Regional full operation 46.77N 100.8W 511
  United States Bliss SP (TRPA) BSP Contributing closed 38.98N 120.1W 2130
  United States Bondville (IL) BND Regional full operation 40.05N 88.37W 213
  United States Boulder BSRN (CO) BOU Contributing full operation 40.05N 105.0W 1577
  United States Boulder ESRL HQ (CO) BLD Regional full operation 39.99N 105.3W 1634
  United States Boulder Table Mountain (CO) BOS Contributing full operation 40.13N 105.2W 1689
  United States Boundary Waters Canoe Area BWC Contributing closed 47.95N 91.50W 526
  United States Bradford Forest (FL) BFD Regional full operation 29.97N 82.20W 44
  United States Brigantine NWR BWR Contributing closed 39.47N 74.45W 5
  United States Burlington (VT) BTV Regional full operation 44.53N 72.86W 408
  United States Canyonlands (UT) CAN Contributing full operation 38.46 109.8 1814
  United States Cape Meares (OR) CMO Regional closed 45.00N 124.0W 30
  United States Cape San Juan CPR Regional full operation 18.38N 65.62W 65
  United States Caribou (ME) CBM Regional full operation 46.87N 68.01W 191
  United States Castolon (TX) CTL Regional full operation 29.15N 103.5W 677
  United States Cedar Bluff CBL Contributing closed 38.77N 99.76W 665
  United States Chesapeake Lighthouse CLH Contributing full operation 36.90N 75.70W 34
  United States Chiricahua National Monument CNM Contributing closed 32.01N 109.4W 1570
  United States Cohutta CTA Contributing closed 34.79N 84.62W 743
  United States Cold Bay (AK) CBA Regional full operation 55.20N 162.7W 25
  United States Columbia River Gorge CRG Contributing closed 45.66N 121.0W 178
  United States Cottonwood (SD) CTW Regional full operation 43.95N 101.9W 733
  United States Dancy (WI) DNR Regional full operation 44.71N 89.77W 381
  United States Davis (CA) DVS Regional full operation 38.54N 121.8W 18
  United States Denali (AK) DEN Contributing full operation 63.73 149.0 640
  United States Denver (CO) DNV Regional closed 39.77N 104.9W 1611
  United States Desert Rock (NV) DRA Contributing full operation 36.62N 116.0W 1007
  United States Dolly Sods Wilderness DSW Contributing closed 39.11N 79.43W 1182
  United States Everglades (FL) EVE Regional full operation 25.39N 80.68W 2
  United States Fairbanks (AK) FBK Regional closed 64.82N 147.9W 138
  United States Fort Collins (CO) FCL Regional closed 40.57N 105.1W 1551
  United States Fort Peck (MT) FPE Regional full operation 48.31N 105.1W 634
  United States Fort Worth (TX) FTW Regional closed 32.83N 97.05W 176
  United States Fresno (CA) FAT Regional closed 36.77N 119.7W 100
  United States Gaithersburg (MD) GAI Contributing closed 39.13 77.21 130
  United States Geneva (NY) GNV Regional full operation 42.88N 77.03W 218
  United States Gila Wilderness GWA Contributing closed 33.22N 108.2W 1775
  United States Glacier (MT) GLR Contributing full operation 48.51 114.0 976
  United States Goddard (MD) GSF Regional full operation 38.99N 76.83W 100
  United States Goodwin Creek (MS) GCR Contributing full operation 34.25N 89.87W 98
  United States Grand Rapids (MN) GPZ Regional full operation 47.18N 93.53W 390
  United States Great Basin NP GBN Contributing full operation 39.01N 114.2W 2065
  United States Great Falls (MT) GTF Regional closed 47.48N 111.3W 1118
  United States Great Gulf Wilderness GGW Contributing closed 44.31N 71.22W 453
  United States Great Smokey Mountains (TN) GRS Contributing full operation 35.60 83.78 564
  United States Great Smoky Mountains II GSM Contributing full operation 35.63N 83.94W 810
  United States Green Bay (WI) GNB Regional closed 44.48N 88.13W 209
  United States Greenbelt (MD) GRB Contributing intermittent operation 38.90N 76.70W 50
  United States Griffin (GA) GAS Regional full operation 33.18N 84.41W 270
  United States Grifton - Georgia Station (NC) ITN Regional closed 35.35N 77.38W 505
  United States H.J. Andrews Forest (OR) HAF Regional full operation 44.22N 122.3W 450
  United States Hance Camp at Grand Canyon NP HGC Contributing full operation 35.97N 112.0W 2267
  United States Hanford (CA) HNX Regional full operation 36.32N 119.6W 73
  United States Harvard Forest (MA) HFM Regional full operation 42.90N 72.30W 340
  United States Holtville (CA) HLT Regional full operation 32.81N 115.4W -18
  United States Hopi Point, Grand Canyon (AZ) GRC Regional full operation 36.07N 112.2W 2152
  United States Houston (TX) HST Contributing full operation 29.72N 95.40W 19
  United States Huntsville (AL) HVA Regional full operation 35.28N 86.58W 196
  United States Ike's Backbone IBB Contributing full operation 34.34N 111.7W 1297
  United States Indian Gardens IGC Contributing full operation 36.08N 112.1W 1166
  United States Ithaca (NY) ITC Regional full operation 42.40N 76.72W 503
  United States James River Face Wilderness JRW Contributing closed 37.63N 79.51W 289
  United States Jarbidge Wilderness JWA Contributing closed 41.89N 115.4W 1869
  United States JPL JPL Contributing closed 34.13N 118.1W 227
  United States Key Biscane (FL) KEY Regional full operation 25.67N 80.20W 3
  United States Kitt Peak (AZ) KPA Regional closed 31.97N 111.6W 2083
  United States Konza Prairie (KS) KZP Regional full operation 39.10N 96.20W 350
  United States L.B.J. National Grassland (TX) LBJ Regional full operation 33.40N 97.63W 312
  United States La Jolla (CA) SIO Regional closed 32.83N 117.3W 14
  United States Laramie (WY) LMI Contributing closed 41.32N 105.7W 2218
  United States Las Cruces (NM) LCS Regional full operation 32.62N 106.7W 1317
  United States Lewes (DE) LWS Regional full operation 38.77N 75.10W 2
  United States Logan (UT) LGN Regional full operation 41.65N 111.9W 1370
  United States Lone Peak Wilderness LPW Contributing closed 40.44N 111.7W 1768
  United States Long View (TX) LVW Regional full operation 32.38N 94.71W 103
  United States Lye Brook Wilderness LBW Contributing closed 43.15N 73.13W 1015
  United States Mammoth Cave NP MCN Contributing full operation 37.13N 86.15W 235
  United States McDonald Observatory (LA) MDO Regional closed 30.67N 90.93W 2081
  United States Mead (NE) MED Regional full operation 41.15N 96.49W 352
  United States Midland (TX) MDX Regional closed 31.93N 102.2W 872
  United States Moody (TX) WKT Regional full operation 31.32N 97.62W 723
  United States Mount Rainier NP MRN Contributing full operation 46.76N 122.1W 439
  United States Mount Zirkel Wilderness MZW Contributing closed 40.54N 106.7W 3243
  United States Mt. Bachelor Observatory Regional full operation 43.98N 121.7W 2743
  United States Mt. Barcroft (CA) MBT Contributing closed 37.58N 118.2W 3800
  United States Narragansett (RI) NGT Contributing full operation 41.49N 71.42W 21
  United States Nashville (TN) BNA Regional full operation 36.25N 86.57W 182
  United States National Capitol - Washington, D.C. NCC Contributing full operation 38.90N 77.04W 514
  United States Niwot Ridge - T-van (CO) NWR Regional full operation 40.05N 105.6W 3523
  United States Okefenokee NWR OWR Contributing closed 30.74N 82.13W 48
  United States Olympic (WA) CPO Contributing closed 48.14 123.4 2
  United States Olympic Peninsula (WA) OPW Regional closed 48.25N 124.4W 488
  United States Organ Pipe National Monument OPN Contributing full operation 31.95N 112.8W 366
  United States Oxford (OH) OXF Regional full operation 39.52N 84.72W 283
  United States Palestine (TX) PSN Regional closed 31.80N 95.72W 121
  United States Paradox (NY) PDX Contributing full operation 43.92N 73.64W 284
  United States Park Falls (WI) LEF Regional full operation 45.93N 90.27W 868
  United States Pawnee/Nunn (CO) PWN Regional full operation 40.81N 104.8W 1641
  United States Pellston (MI) PEL Regional full operation 45.56N 84.67W 238
  United States Penn State (PA) PSU Regional full operation 40.78N 77.93W 393
  United States Petrified Forest NP PFN Contributing full operation 34.91N 109.8W 1690
  United States Point Arena (CA) PTA Regional full operation 38.95N 123.7W 17
  United States Poker Flat (AK) POK Regional full operation 65.12N 147.5W 204
  United States Presque Isle (ME) PQI Regional full operation 46.68N 68.04W 144
  United States Pullman (WA) PUL Regional full operation 46.75N 117.2W 804
  United States Raleigh (NC) RAL Contributing full operation 35.73N 78.68W 124
  United States Research Triangle Park (NC) RTP Contributing closed 35.89 78.88 134
  United States Richland (WA) RLD Contributing closed 46.20N 119.2W 123
  United States Riverside (CA) RVS Contributing closed 34.00 117.3 32
  United States Rocky Mountain (CO) RMT Contributing closed 40.03 105.5 2891
  United States Rocky Mountain NP RMN Contributing full operation 40.28N 105.5W 2760
  United States San Diego (CA) SDO Regional closed 32.45N 117.1W 124
  United States San Juan SJP Regional closed 18.48N 66.13W 17
  United States Seguin (TX) SEG Contributing full operation 29.57N 97.99W 172
  United States Seney NWR SWR Contributing closed 46.29N 84.05W 216
  United States Sequoia (CA) SQA Contributing closed 36.49 118.8 610
  United States Shemya Island SHM Regional full operation 52.72N 174.1E 40
  United States Shenandoah (VA) SHN Contributing full operation 38.52 78.44 1074
  United States Sierra Ancha SIA Contributing full operation 34.09N 110.9W 1600
  United States Silver Hill (MD) SLH Regional closed 38.83N 76.95W 89
  United States Sioux Falls (SD) SXF Regional full operation 43.73N 96.62W 473
  United States Snoqualmie Pass SPS Contributing closed 47.42N 121.4W 1049
  United States Southern Great Plains E13 (OK) SGP Contributing full operation 36.60N 97.50W 318
  United States Spokane (WA) SKN Regional closed 47.67N 117.4W 576
  United States St. Croix AVI Regional closed 17.75N 64.75W 3
  United States Starkville (MS) STK Regional full operation 33.47N 88.78W 85
  United States Steamboat Springs (CO) SPL Regional full operation 40.46N 106.7W 3220
  United States Sterling/Washington (VA) SVA Regional full operation 38.98N 77.48W 84
  United States Sycamore Canyon SCN Contributing full operation 35.14N 112.0W 2046
  United States Table Mountain (CA) TMF Regional full operation 34.38N 117.7W 2286
  United States Tallahassee (FL) TAL Regional full operation 30.43N 84.33W 53
  United States Theodore (ND) THR Contributing full operation 46.90 103.4 870
  United States Three Sisters Wilderness TSW Contributing closed 44.29N 122.0W 885
  United States Topeka (KS) TPK Contributing closed 39.07N 95.63W 270
  United States Trinidad Head (CA) THD Global full operation 41.05N 124.2W 107
  United States Tucson Mountain #1 - Saguaro National Monument TMM Contributing closed 32.28N 111.2W 754
  United States Underhill (VT) UHL Regional full operation 44.53N 72.87W 399
  United States Upper Buffalo Wilderness UBW Contributing closed 35.83N 93.20W 722
  United States Valparaiso (IN) VLP Contributing full operation 41.50N 87.00W 240
  United States Virgin Islands VII Contributing full operation 18.34 64.80 56
  United States Walker Branch Watershed (TN) WBW Regional full operation 35.96N 84.28W 341
  United States Wallops Island (VA) WAI Regional full operation 37.94N 75.46W 13
  United States Wendover (UT) UTA Regional full operation 39.90N 113.7W 1320
  United States West Branch (Iowa) WBI Contributing full operation 41.72N 91.35W 242
  United States West Lafayette (IN) WLF Regional full operation 40.47N 86.99W 215
  United States White Sands (NM) WHS Regional closed 32.38N 106.5W 1224
  United States Whiteface Mountain (NY) WFM Regional full operation 44.39N 73.86W 610
  United States Wichita Mountains WMP Contributing closed 34.73N 98.71W 509
  United States Wye (MD) WYE Regional full operation 38.91N 76.15W 6
  V - South West Pacific
  Australia Alice Springs ASP Contributing full operation 23.80S 133.9E 547
  Australia Arcturus ARA Regional full operation 23.86S 148.5E 175
  Australia Aspendale APL Regional closed 38.03S 145.1E 1
  Australia Brisbane BBN Regional full operation 27.42S 153.1E 3
  Australia Broadmeadows BRO Regional full operation 37.69S 144.9E 108
  Australia Cairns CNS Regional closed 16.88S 145.8E 3
  Australia Cape Ferguson CFA Regional full operation 19.28S 147.1E 2
  Australia Cape Grim CGO Global full operation 40.68S 144.7E 94
  Australia Coffs Harbour CHB Regional closed 30.32S 153.1E 5
  Australia Darwin DWN Regional full operation 12.42S 130.9E 31
  Australia Gunn Point GPA Regional full operation 12.25S 131.0E 25
  Australia Hobart HBT Regional full operation 42.82S 147.5E 20
  Australia Laverton LVT Regional closed 37.86S 144.8E 21
  Australia Macquarie Island MQA Regional full operation 54.50S 158.9E 6
  Australia Melbourne MBN Regional full operation 37.67S 144.8E 125
  Australia Otway OTA Regional full operation 38.52S 142.8E 40
  Australia Perth PTH Regional full operation 31.92S 116.0E 5
  Australia Salisbury SBY Regional closed 34.72S 138.6E 1
  Australia Wagga Wagga WWA Regional full operation 35.12S 147.4E 212
  Australia Wollongong WOL Contributing full operation 34.41S 150.9E 30
  Australia Woomera WMR Regional closed 30.95S 136.5E 146
  Fiji Suva SUV Regional full operation 18.13S 178.3E 6
  France Papeete (Tahiti) PAP Regional unknown 18.00S 149.0W 2
  Indonesia Bukit Kototabang BKT Global full operation 0.20S 100.3E 864
  Indonesia Ciater / Bandung BAD Contributing closed 6.40S 107.4E
  Indonesia Jakarta JKR Regional unknown 6.18S 106.8E 7
  Indonesia Watukosek (Java) WAT Contributing full operation 7.57S 112.7E 50
  Kiribati Christmas Island CHR Regional full operation 1.70N 157.2W 3
  Kiribati Tarawa TAW Contributing closed 1.40N 172.9E 0
  Malaysia Danum Valley DMV Global full operation 4.98N 117.8E 426
  Malaysia Petaling Jaya PJM Regional full operation 3.10N 101.7E 46
  Malaysia Sepang Airport SEP Regional full operation 2.73N 101.7E 17
  Malaysia Tanah Rata TAR Regional full operation 4.48N 101.4E 1545
  Marshall Islands Kwajalein KWJ Contributing full operation 8.72N 167.7E 10
  Nauru Nauru NAU Contributing full operation 0.52S 166.9E 7
  New Zealand Baring Head BHD Regional full operation 41.41S 174.9E 85
  New Zealand Chatham Island CHI Regional closed 43.92S 176.5W 20
  New Zealand Christchurch CRC Regional closed 43.48S 172.6E 34
  New Zealand Invercargill IVC Regional closed 46.43S 168.4E 30
  New Zealand Kaitorete Spit NZL Regional closed 43.83S 172.6E 3
  New Zealand Lauder LAU Global full operation 45.04S 169.7E 370
  New Zealand Raratonga (Cook Islands) RTA Regional full operation 21.25S 159.8W 20
  New Zealand Wellington WEL Regional closed 41.28S 174.7E 126
  Papua New Guinea Momote MAN Contributing full operation 2.06S 147.4E 6
  Philippines Manila MNI Regional full operation 14.65N 121.1E 63
  Philippines Mt. St. Thomas MST Regional unknown 16.33N 120.6E 2256
  Singapore Singapore SIN Regional full operation 1.32N 103.9E 14
  United States Canton Island CTI Regional closed 2.76S 171.7W 3
  United States Cape Kumukahi (HI) KUM Regional full operation 19.52N 154.8W 3
  United States Guam (Mariana Island) GMI Regional full operation 13.43N 144.8E 2
  United States Hilo (HI) HIH Regional full operation 19.58N 155.1W 11
  United States Kilauea (HI) HVT Contributing closed 19.42N 155.3W 1243
  United States Mauna Kea (HI) MKO Contributing full operation 19.83N 155.5W 4204
  United States Mauna Loa (HI) MLO Global full operation 19.54N 155.6W 3397
  United States Pacific Ocean (00N) POC Mobile full operation 0.00N 155.0W 10
  United States Samoa (Cape Matatula) SMO Global full operation 14.25S 170.6W 77
  United States Sand Island MID Regional full operation 28.22N 177.4W 4
  VI - Europe
  Armenia Amberd ARM Regional full operation 40.38N 44.25E 2070
  Austria Gross-Enzersdorf GED Contributing full operation 48.20N 16.57E 156
  Austria Hohe Warte HHE Regional closed 48.25N 16.37E 202
  Austria Illmitz ILL Contributing full operation 47.77N 16.77E 117
  Austria Sonnblick SNB Regional full operation 47.05N 12.96E 3106
  Austria St. Koloman KOL Contributing closed 47.65N 13.20E 851
  Austria Stephansplatz STP Regional closed 48.22N 16.38E 171
  Austria Vorhegg VOH Contributing full operation 46.68N 12.97E 1020
  Austria Zbelboden ZOE Contributing full operation 47.83N 14.43E 899
  Belarus, R. of Berezinsky Reserve BRS Regional full operation 54.73N 28.35E 174
  Belarus, R. of Minsk MAS Regional full operation 53.83N 27.47E 222
  Belarus, R. of Vysokoe BSV Contributing closed 52.33N 23.43E 163
  Belgium Eupen EUP Contributing full operation 50.63N 6.00E 295
  Belgium Offagne OFF Contributing full operation 49.88N 5.20E 420
  Belgium Uccle RMI Regional full operation 50.80N 4.36E 100
  Belgium Vezin VEZ Contributing full operation 50.50N 4.98E 160
  Bosnia and Herzegovina Ivan Sedlo IVN Regional intermittent operation 43.77N 18.03E 970
  Bulgaria BEO Moussala BEO Regional full operation 42.18N 23.59E 2925
  Bulgaria Burugas BUR Regional full operation 42.47N 27.47E 16
  Bulgaria Kaliakra KLR Regional closed 43.37N 28.47E 59
  Bulgaria Pleven PLV Regional full operation 43.42N 23.60E 64
  Bulgaria Plovdiv PLD Regional full operation 42.12N 24.42E 304
  Bulgaria Primorsko PMK Regional closed 41.27N 27.75E 13
  Bulgaria Rojen Peak RJP Contributing full operation 41.70N 24.73E 1750
  Bulgaria Sofia SOF Regional full operation 42.82N 23.38E 588
  Bulgaria Varna VRN Regional full operation 43.20N 27.92E 41
  Croatia Bilogora BGO Regional unknown 45.88N 17.20E 262
  Croatia Krizevci KRZ Regional unknown 46.03N 16.55E 155
  Croatia Ogulin OGU Regional unknown 45.30N 15.23E 328
  Croatia Puntijarka PUJ Regional unknown 45.92N 15.97E 988
  Croatia Zadar ZAD Regional unknown 44.13N 15.22E 5
  Croatia Zagreb-Cric ZBC Regional unknown 45.82N 15.98E 157
  Croatia Zagreb-Maksimir ZBM Regional unknown 45.82N 16.03E 121
  Croatia Zavizan ZAV Regional unknown 44.82N 14.98E 1594
  Czech Republic Hradec Krlov HKR Regional full operation 50.18N 15.84E 285
  Czech Republic Kosetice Observatory KOS Regional full operation 49.58N 15.08E 534
  Czech Republic Kresin u Pacova KRE Non-GAW (international) full operation 49.58N 15.08E 534
  Czech Republic Praha PRH Regional full operation 50.01N 14.45E 302
  Czech Republic Svratouch SVT Contributing full operation 49.73N 16.03E 737
  Denmark Anholt ANH Contributing full operation 56.72N 11.52E 40
  Denmark rhus AHS Regional closed 56.17N 10.20E 53
  Denmark Faeroerne FAE Contributing closed 62.30N 7.07W 210
  Denmark Faeroerne-Akraber FAA Contributing closed 61.40N 6.67W 90
  Denmark Ivittuut IVI Non-GAW (international) full operation 61.21N 48.17W 10
  Denmark Keldsnor KLD Contributing full operation 54.73N 10.73E 9
  Denmark Lille Valby LVY Contributing full operation 55.68N 12.13E 10
  Denmark Scoresbysund SCB Contributing full operation 70.48N 21.95W 25
  Denmark Sepstrup Sande SSS Contributing full operation 56.08N 9.60E 60
  Denmark Site J GRL Regional closed 66.50N 46.20W 2030
  Denmark Sondrestrom SST Regional full operation 66.99N 50.95W 150
  Denmark Summit SUM Regional full operation 72.58N 38.48W 3238
  Denmark Tange TAN Contributing full operation 56.35N 9.60E 13
  Denmark Thule THU Regional full operation 76.52N 68.77W 200
  Denmark Ulborg UBG Contributing full operation 56.28N 8.43E 10
  Estonia Lahemaa LAH Contributing full operation 59.50N 25.90E 32
  Estonia Srve SRV Regional closed 57.92N 22.06E 2
  Estonia Tahkuse TAH Regional closed 58.52N 24.92E 24
  Estonia Tallinn TLN Regional closed 59.40N 24.60E 33
  Estonia Tartu-Travere TRV Regional full operation 58.27N 26.47E 70
  Estonia Vilsandi VSD Contributing full operation 58.38N 21.82E 6
  Finland htri AHT Regional full operation 62.58N 24.18E 180
  Finland Hailuoto HLO Contributing full operation 65.00N 24.68E 4
  Finland Hietajrvi HTJ Contributing full operation 63.17N 30.72E 173
  Finland Hyytil SMR Regional full operation 61.85N 24.29N 181
  Finland Jokioinen JOK Regional full operation 60.82N 23.50E 106
  Finland Kotinen KTI Contributing full operation 61.23N 25.07E 158
  Finland Matorova MAT Global full operation 68.00N 24.24E 340
  Finland Oulanka OUX Regional full operation 66.32N 29.40E 310
  Finland Pallas PAL Global full operation 67.97N 24.12E 560
  Finland Sodankyl SDK Global full operation 67.36N 26.63E 180
  Finland Ut UTO Regional full operation 59.78N 21.38E 7
  Finland Vrri VAR Regional full operation 67.76N 29.61E 400
  Finland Virolahti VIR Regional full operation 60.53N 27.68E 4
  France Abbeville ABB Regional closed 50.13N 1.83E 70
  France Biscarrosse / SMS BIS Regional full operation 44.38N 1.23W 167
  France Bordeaux BOD Regional closed 44.84N 0.53W 73
  France Brianon BRI Contributing closed 44.90N 6.65E 1310
  France Carpentras CAP Regional closed 44.08N 5.05E 99
  France ERSA ERS Regional closed 42.97N 9.38E 533
  France Gif sur Yvette GIF Non-GAW (international) full operation 48.71N 2.15E 167
  France Gourdon GOU Regional closed 44.75N 1.40E 259
  France Haute Provence OHP Regional full operation 43.92N 5.75E 580
  France Ile Grande LPO Non-GAW (international) full operation 48.80N 3.58W 20
  France La Tardire TAD Regional full operation 46.66N 0.75W 133
  France Lannemezan LZA Contributing full operation 44.13N 0.49E 610
  France Magny-les-Hameaux MLH Regional closed 48.73N 2.07E 165
  France Mont Louis MOL Regional closed 42.50N 2.13E 1650
  France MOZAIC-IAGOS Paris Roissy Airport CDG Mobile intermittent operation 49.00N 2.58E 118
  France Paris-Montsouris PMS Regional unknown 48.82N 2.33E 76
  France Peyrusse Vieille PYE Regional full operation 43.62N 0.18E 200
  France Pic du Midi PDM Contributing full operation 42.94N 0.14E 2877
  France Plateau de Bure PDB Contributing closed 44.63N 5.90E 2550
  France Puy de Dme PUY Global full operation 45.77N 2.97E 1465
  France Trainou (Orlans) TRN Contributing full operation 47.96N 2.11E 131
  France Val Joyeaux VJO Regional closed 48.49N 2.02E 114
  France Villeneuve d'Ascq VDA Contributing full operation 50.65N 3.08E 70
  Georgia Abastumani ABA Regional closed 41.75N 42.75E 1650
  Georgia Tbilisi TBI Regional closed 41.68N 44.95E 490
  Georgia Telavi TEL Regional closed 41.93N 45.48E 568
  Germany Ansbach DAN Contributing closed 49.30N 10.57E 481
  Germany Arkona AKN Contributing closed 54.67N 13.42E 42
  Germany Aukrug DAU Contributing full operation 54.07N 9.78E 15
  Germany Bassum BSU Contributing closed 52.85N 8.72E 52
  Germany Berlin-Tempelhof BRL Contributing closed 52.47N 13.43E 50
  Germany Bremen BEM Contributing full operation 53.11N 8.89E 27
  Germany Brotjacklriegel BRT Contributing closed 48.82N 13.22E 1016
  Germany Deuselbach DEU Contributing closed 49.77N 7.05E 480
  Germany Dresden DRE Contributing closed 51.12N 13.68E 246
  Germany Falkenberg DFA Contributing full operation 52.17N 14.12E 73
  Germany Garmisch-Partenkirchen GAR Contributing full operation 47.48N 11.06E 740
  Germany Hof DHF Contributing closed 50.32N 11.88E 568
  Germany Hohenpeissenberg HPB Global full operation 47.80N 11.01E 985
  Germany Hohenwestedt DHW Contributing closed 54.10N 9.67E 75
  Germany Karlsruhe KIT Contributing full operation 49.10N 8.44E 111
  Germany Leipzig LEI Contributing full operation 51.35N 12.43E 90
  Germany Lindenberg LIN Contributing full operation 52.22N 14.12E 112
  Germany Lckendorf DLU Contributing full operation 50.83N 14.77E 490
  Germany Maisach MUC Contributing full operation 48.21N 11.26E 516
  Germany Melpitz MEL Regional full operation 51.53N 12.93E 86
  Germany Murnauer Moos DMU Contributing closed 47.65N 11.20E 622
  Germany Neuglobsow NGL Regional full operation 53.14N 13.03E 62
  Germany Ochsenkopf OXK Contributing full operation 50.03N 11.80E 1185
  Germany hringen DOE Contributing full operation 49.23N 9.43E 283
  Germany Polarstern DPS Mobile full operation 0
  Germany Potsdam PTD Contributing closed 52.35N 13.07E 89
  Germany Raisting DRS Contributing full operation 47.90N 11.10E 552
  Germany Rodenberg DRD Contributing closed 52.32N 9.37E 148
  Germany Rottenburg am Neckar RTB Contributing closed 48.48N 8.93E 427
  Germany Schauinsland SSL Regional full operation 47.90N 7.92E 1205
  Germany Schmuecke SMU Contributing full operation 50.65N 10.77E 937
  Germany Schorfheide DSH Contributing full operation 52.97N 13.65E 70
  Germany Starnberg DST Contributing closed 48.02N 11.35E 729
  Germany Ueckermnde DUK Contributing full operation 53.75N 14.07E 1
  Germany Usingen DUI Contributing closed 50.33N 8.53E 485
  Germany Waldhof-Langenbrgge WAL Contributing full operation 52.80N 10.77E 74
  Germany Wank WNK Contributing closed 47.52N 11.15E 1780
  Germany Weissenau WEI Contributing closed 47.77N 9.58E 445
  Germany Westerland WES Contributing full operation 54.93N 8.32E 12
  Germany Wiesenburg DWI Contributing closed 52.12N 12.47E 107
  Germany Zingst ZGT Contributing full operation 54.43N 12.73E 1
  Germany Zugspitze-Gipfel ZUG Global full operation 47.42N 10.99E 2962
  Germany Zugspitze-Schneefernerhaus ZSF Global full operation 47.42N 10.98E 2671
  Greece Aliartos ATS Contributing full operation 38.37N 23.08E 110
  Greece Athens ATH Regional full operation 37.98N 23.73E 280
  Greece Demokritos Athens DEM Regional full operation 37.99N 23.82E 270
  Greece Finokalia FIK Contributing full operation 35.34N 25.67E 150
  Greece Thessaloniki THE Regional full operation 40.63N 22.96E 60
  Greece Zografou Athens ATZ Contributing full operation 37.98N 23.78E 212
  Hungary Budapest - Lorinc BPL Regional full operation 47.43N 19.18E 139
  Hungary Hegyhatsal HUN Regional full operation 46.95N 16.65E 248
  Hungary K-Puszta KPS Regional full operation 46.97N 19.58E 125
  Iceland Irafoss IRF Regional full operation 64.08N 21.02W 65
  Iceland Reykjavik RKV Regional full operation 64.13N 21.90W 52
  Iceland Storhofdi ICE Regional full operation 63.40N 20.28W 118
  Ireland Adrigole ADR Regional closed 51.68N 9.73W 50
  Ireland Cork UCC Contributing intermittent operation 51.89N 8.49W 75
  Ireland Mace Head MHD Global full operation 53.33N 9.90W 5
  Ireland Valentia VTO Regional full operation 51.94N 10.25W 14
  Israel Sede Boker WIS Regional full operation 31.13N 34.88E 400
  Italy Aosta AST Contributing full operation 45.74N 7.36E 569
  Italy Brindisi BRD Regional closed 40.63N 17.95E 5
  Italy Cagliari/Elmas CAE Regional closed 39.25N 9.05E 4
  Italy Capo Granitola CGR Regional full operation 37.67N 12.65E 5
  Italy CETEMPS/DSFC Universit Degli Studi dell'Aquila CEO Contributing full operation 42.37N 13.35E 656
  Italy CNR-IMAA Atmospheric Observatory (CIAO) POT Contributing full operation 40.60N 15.72E 760
  Italy Ispra IPR Regional full operation 45.80N 8.63E 209
  Italy Lamezia Terme Regional full operation 38.88N 16.23E 6
  Italy Lampedusa LMP Regional full operation 35.52N 12.63E 45
  Italy Lecce Environmental-Climate Observatory ECO Regional full operation 40.34N 18.12E 36
  Italy Messina MES Regional full operation 38.20N 15.55E 54
  Italy Monte Cimone CMN Global full operation 44.17N 10.68E 2165
  Italy Monte Curcio Regional full operation 39.52N 16.70E 1796
  Italy Montelibretti MLI Contributing full operation 42.10N 12.63E 48
  Italy Napoli NAP Regional closed 40.85N 15.25E 45
  Italy Plateau Rosa PRS Regional full operation 45.94N 7.71E 3480
  Italy Rome University ROM Regional full operation 41.90N 12.52E 75
  Italy S. Pietro Capofiume SPC Regional closed 44.65N 11.62E 11
  Italy Santa Maria di Leuca SML Regional full operation 39.80N 18.33E 104
  Italy Sestola SES Regional full operation 44.22N 10.77E 1030
  Italy Trapani TRP Regional full operation 37.92N 12.50E 7
  Italy Verona VER Regional closed 45.38N 10.87E 67
  Italy Vigna di Valle VDV Regional full operation 42.08N 12.52E 262
  Italy Viterbo VTB Regional full operation 42.43N 12.05E 300
  Latvia Aluksne ALK Contributing full operation 57.44N 27.04E 197
  Latvia Dobele DBL Contributing full operation 56.62N 23.32E 42
  Latvia Riga RGA Regional closed 57.19N 24.25E 7
  Latvia Rucava RCV Regional full operation 56.16N 21.17E 18
  Latvia Zilani ZLN Contributing full operation 56.52N 25.92E 107
  Latvia Zoseni ZSN Regional full operation 57.14N 25.91E 183
  Lithuania Kaunas KAU Regional full operation 54.88N 23.84E 77
  Lithuania Preila PLA Regional full operation 55.38N 21.03E 5
  Luxembourg Diekirch LCD Regional full operation 49.87N 6.17E 218
  Macedonia, FYRO Lazaropole LZP Regional intermittent operation 41.32N 20.42E 1332
  Malta Dwejra Point GOZ Regional closed 36.05N 14.18E 30
  Malta Giordan Lighthouse GLH Regional full operation 36.07N 14.22E 167
  Moldova, R. of Chisinau ARG Regional full operation 47.00N 28.82E 205
  Montenegro Zabljak ZBL Regional closed 43.15N 19.13E 1450
  Netherlands Bilthoven BTH Contributing closed 52.12N 5.20E 5
  Netherlands Cesar (Cabauw) CES Regional full operation 51.97N 4.93E -1
  Netherlands De Bilt DBT Regional full operation 52.10N 5.18E 2
  Netherlands De Zilk DZI Contributing full operation 52.30N 4.50E 4
  Netherlands Eibergen EIB Contributing closed 52.08N 6.57E 20
  Netherlands Kloosterburen KTB Regional closed 53.40N 6.42E 0
  Netherlands Kollumerwaard KMW Regional full operation 53.33N 6.27E 0
  Netherlands Moerdijk MDK Regional closed 51.68N 4.53E 0
  Netherlands Vreedepeel VDP Contributing full operation 51.53N 5.85E 5
  Norway Andoya ARR Contributing full operation 69.28N 16.01E 360
  Norway Birkenes BIR Regional full operation 58.38N 8.25E 190
  Norway Bjrnya BJN Contributing closed 74.50N 19.02E 20
  Norway Dombas DOM Regional closed 62.10N 9.10E 659
  Norway Harestua HRS Contributing full operation 60.21N 10.75E 596
  Norway Hornsund (Svalbard) HRN Regional closed 77.00N 15.55E 11
  Norway Jergul JGL Regional closed 69.40N 24.60E 255
  Norway Krvatn / Kaarvatn KRV Regional full operation 62.78N 8.88E 210
  Norway Longyearbyen LYB Regional closed 78.22N 15.57E 0
  Norway Murchison Bay MUB Regional closed 80.00N 18.00E -1
  Norway Ny lesund NYA Global full operation 78.92N 11.92E 0
  Norway Osen OSN Regional closed 61.25N 11.78E 440
  Norway Oslo OSL Regional full operation 59.90N 10.73E 50
  Norway Prestebakke PRB Contributing full operation 59.00N 11.53E 160
  Norway Sandve SND Contributing full operation 59.20N 5.20E 40
  Norway Skredalen SKR Regional closed 58.82N 6.72E 475
  Norway Svanvik SVV Contributing closed 69.45N 30.03E 30
  Norway Troms TRO Regional closed 69.65N 18.95E 100
  Norway Tustervatn TUV Regional full operation 65.83N 13.92E 439
  Norway Zeppelin Mountain (Ny lesund) ZEP Global full operation 78.91N 11.89E 475
  Poland Baltic Sea BAL Regional full operation 55.50N 16.67E 7
  Poland Belsk COG Regional full operation 51.84N 20.79E 180
  Poland Bialystok BIK Contributing full operation 53.23N 23.02E 180
  Poland Diabla Gora / Puszcza Borecka DIG Regional full operation 54.15N 22.07E 157
  Poland Jarczew JCZ Regional full operation 51.82N 21.98E 180
  Poland Leba LEB Regional full operation 54.75N 17.53E 2
  Poland Legionowo LEG Regional full operation 52.40N 20.97E 96
  Poland Sniezka SNZ Regional full operation 50.73N 15.73E 1603
  Poland Suwalki SWL Regional closed 54.13N 22.95E 184
  Portugal Angra de Heroismo (Aores) ANG Regional full operation 38.67N 27.22W 74
  Portugal Beja BEJ Regional closed 38.02N 7.87W 246
  Portugal Braganca BRG Regional full operation 41.80N 6.73W 690
  Portugal Castelo Branco CAS Regional full operation 39.83N 7.47W 386
  Portugal Faro FAR Regional closed 37.02N 7.97W 8
  Portugal Lisboa LIS Regional full operation 38.77N 9.13W 105
  Portugal Monte Velho MVH Regional full operation 38.08N 8.80W 43
  Portugal Penhas Douradas PEN Regional full operation 40.42N 7.55W 1380
  Portugal Santa Maria Island (Azores) SMI Contributing closed 36.96N 25.17W 100
  Portugal Serreta (Terceira) AZR Regional full operation 38.77N 27.38W 40
  Portugal Viana do Castelo VDC Regional full operation 41.70N 8.80W 16
  Romania Bucharest ANM Regional full operation 44.48N 26.13E 100
  Romania Constanta (Black Sea) BSC Regional full operation 44.17N 28.68E 3
  Romania Fundata FDT Regional intermittent operation 45.43N 25.27E 1384
  Romania Semenic SEM Regional closed 45.18N 22.05E 1432
  Romania Stana de Vale STN Regional closed 46.68N 22.20E 1108
  Russian Federation Arkhangel'sk AHK Regional full operation 64.58N 40.50E 13
  Russian Federation Astrakhan ASN Regional full operation 45.75N 47.92E -25
  Russian Federation Caucasus KWZ Regional full operation 43.70N 40.22E 400
  Russian Federation Central Forest CLZ Regional full operation 56.60N 32.80E 260
  Russian Federation Cimljansk CYM Regional full operation 47.73N 42.25E 64
  Russian Federation Danki DAK Regional full operation 54.90N 37.80E 140
  Russian Federation Janiskoski JNS Regional full operation 68.93N 28.85E 118
  Russian Federation Kislovodsk KSL Regional full operation 43.73N 42.66E 2070
  Russian Federation Moscow MSC Regional full operation 55.75N 37.37E 187
  Russian Federation Mt. Elbrus ELB Regional closed 43.32N 42.47E 2100
  Russian Federation Murmansk MRM Regional full operation 68.97N 33.05E 46
  Russian Federation Obninsk OBN Regional full operation 55.10N 36.61E 100
  Russian Federation Oka-Terrase OKA Regional full operation 54.90N 37.80E 200
  Russian Federation Pechora PCH Regional full operation 65.20N 57.17E 56
  Russian Federation Pinega PIN Regional full operation 64.70N 43.40E 28
  Russian Federation Samara KSM Regional full operation 53.25N 50.45E 139
  Russian Federation Shadzhatmaz (Novopyatigorsk) SDM Regional full operation 43.73N 42.60E 2070
  Russian Federation Shepeljovo SHP Regional full operation 59.97N 29.12E 4
  Russian Federation St. Petersburg SPB Regional full operation 59.97N 30.30E 60
  Russian Federation Teriberka TER Regional full operation 69.20N 35.10E 40
  Russian Federation Volgograd VGG Regional closed 48.58N 45.72E 60
  Russian Federation Voronezh VOR Regional full operation 51.90N 39.60E 145
  Serbia Belgrade PDJ Contributing full operation 44.51N 20.23E 103
  Serbia Kamenicki-Vis KAM Regional full operation 43.40N 21.95E 813
  Slovakia Chopok CHO Regional full operation 48.97N 19.60E 2008
  Slovakia Poprad-Ganovce PPG Regional full operation 49.03N 20.32E 706
  Slovakia Stara Lesna STL Contributing full operation 49.15N 20.29E 808
  Slovakia Starina STA Contributing full operation 49.04N 22.26E 345
  Slovakia Topolniky TOP Contributing full operation 47.96N 17.86E 113
  Slovenia Iskrba IRB Regional full operation 45.33N 14.51E 520
  Slovenia Kovk KVK Regional full operation 46.07N 15.06E 600
  Slovenia Krvavec KVV Regional full operation 46.18N 14.32E 1720
  Slovenia Zavodnje ZRN Regional full operation 46.26N 15.00E 770
  Spain Barcarrota BAR Contributing full operation 38.47N 6.92W 393
  Spain Begur BGU Non-GAW (international) full operation 41.97N 3.23E 13
  Spain Cabo de Creus CCR Contributing full operation 42.32N 3.32W 23
  Spain Campisbalos CPM Contributing full operation 41.27N 3.13W 1360
  Spain Doana DON Regional full operation 37.05N 6.55W 5
  Spain El Arenosillo ARN Regional full operation 37.10N 6.73W 41
  Spain Els Torms ELT Contributing full operation 41.38N 0.72E 470
  Spain La Cartuja CAR Regional closed 37.20N 3.60W 720
  Spain La Corua LCO Regional full operation 43.33 8.47 62
  Spain Logroo LOG Regional closed 42.45N 2.50W 370
  Spain Madrid MAD Regional full operation 40.45N 3.72W 680
  Spain Mahn MHN Regional full operation 39.87N 4.32E 78
  Spain Montsec Regional full operation 42.05N 0.73E 1571
  Spain Montseny Regional full operation 41.78N 2.36E 700
  Spain Murcia MUR Regional full operation 38.00N 1.17W 69
  Spain Niembro NIE Contributing full operation 43.43N 4.85W 134
  Spain Noia NIA Regional full operation 42.73N 8.92W 685
  Spain O Saviao OSV Contributing full operation 42.63N 7.70W 506
  Spain Peausende PNS Contributing full operation 41.28N 5.87W 985
  Spain Roquetas ROQ Regional closed 40.82N 0.48W 50
  Spain San Pablo de los Montes SPM Regional full operation 39.55N 4.35W 917
  Spain University of Granada-GFAT UGR Contributing full operation 37.16N 3.61W 680
  Spain Viznar VIZ Contributing full operation 37.23N 3.47W 1230
  Spain Zaragoza ZAR Contributing full operation 41.63 0.91 250
  Spain Zarra ZRR Contributing full operation 39.08N 1.10W 885
  Sweden Arup ARU Contributing full operation 55.75N 13.67E 157
  Sweden Aspvreten APT Regional full operation 58.81N 17.39E 20
  Sweden Borlnge BOR Regional full operation 60.49N 15.43E 164
  Sweden Bredklen BRE Regional full operation 63.84N 15.32E 410
  Sweden Esrange ESR Regional closed 67.88N 21.07E 475
  Sweden Grdsjn GDS Contributing full operation 58.05N 12.02E 113
  Sweden Gteborg GBG Regional full operation 57.71N 11.99E 30
  Sweden Gunnarn GNN Regional closed 64.96N 17.70E 278
  Sweden Hoburg HOB Regional unknown 56.92N 18.15E 58
  Sweden Karlstad KAR Regional full operation 59.36N 13.47E 46
  Sweden Kiruna KIR Contributing full operation 67.84N 20.41E 424
  Sweden Lule LUL Regional full operation 65.54N 22.11E 32
  Sweden Lund LUN Regional full operation 55.71N 13.21E 85
  Sweden Norra Kvill NKV Contributing full operation 57.82N 15.57E 261
  Sweden Norrkping NRK Regional full operation 58.58N 16.15E 43
  Sweden Onsala ONS Contributing full operation 57.40N 11.93E
  Sweden stersund OST Regional full operation 63.20N 14.48E 374
  Sweden R RAO Contributing full operation 57.40N 11.92E 10
  Sweden Roervik ROR Regional unknown 57.42N 11.93E 10
  Sweden Sjngen SJO Regional full operation 58.75N 14.30E 128
  Sweden Stockholm STH Regional full operation 59.35N 18.06E 30
  Sweden Svenska Hgarna SVH Regional full operation 59.44N 19.50E 10
  Sweden Tarfala TLA Regional full operation 67.91N 18.61E 1144
  Sweden Ume UME Regional full operation 63.81N 20.24E 23
  Sweden Uppsala UPS Regional closed 59.85N 17.52E 15
  Sweden Vavihill VAV Contributing full operation 56.02N 13.15E 172
  Sweden Vxj VAX Regional full operation 56.93N 14.73E 182
  Sweden Vindeln VDL Regional full operation 64.23N 19.77E 225
  Sweden Visby VIS Regional full operation 57.67N 18.34E 49
  Switzerland Arosa ARO Regional full operation 46.78N 9.67E 1840
  Switzerland Bern BRN Contributing full operation 46.95N 7.44E 550
  Switzerland Chaumont CMT Contributing full operation 47.05N 6.98E 1137
  Switzerland Davos DAV Contributing full operation 46.81N 9.84E 1590
  Switzerland Jungfraujoch JFJ Global full operation 46.55N 7.99E 3580
  Switzerland Locarno-Monti OTL Contributing full operation 46.17N 8.79E 367
  Switzerland Payerne PAY Regional full operation 46.81N 6.94E 490
  Switzerland Rigi RIG Regional full operation 47.07N 8.45E 1031
  Switzerland Sion SON Contributing full operation 46.22N 7.34E 483
  Switzerland Tnikon TAE Contributing full operation 47.48N 8.90E 539
  Switzerland Thalwil THW Regional closed 47.29N 8.56E 515
  Switzerland Zimmerwald ZIM Contributing full operation 46.88N 7.47E 907
  Syria Halab/Aleppo HAA Regional unknown 36.14N 37.10E 502
  Turkey Ankara TRA Regional full operation 39.95N 32.88E 896
  Turkey Cubuk II TRU Regional full operation 40.50N 33.00E 1169
  Ukraine Feodosiya FEO Regional full operation 44.55N 35.12E 42
  Ukraine Kiev KIE Regional full operation 50.24N 30.58E 121
  Ukraine Kyiv-Goloseyev KGV Regional full operation 50.36N 30.50E 206
  Ukraine Lvov LVO Regional full operation 49.51N 24.03E 329
  Ukraine Odessa ODE Regional full operation 46.26N 30.46E 42
  United Kingdom Aberdeen ABD Contributing closed 57.20N 2.22W 69
  United Kingdom Aberystwyth AWT Contributing full operation 52.00N 4.00W
  United Kingdom Aldergrove ALD Contributing closed 54.65N 6.22W 72
  United Kingdom Angus Regional full operation 56.56N 2.99W 400
  United Kingdom Aston Hill ASH Contributing full operation 52.50N 3.05W 370
  United Kingdom Auchencorth Moss AUC Regional full operation 55.79N 3.24W 267
  United Kingdom Barcomb Mills BAH Regional full operation 50.92N 0.05E 10
  United Kingdom Bracknell BRK Regional closed 51.38N 0.78W 70
  United Kingdom Bush BUS Contributing full operation 55.87N 3.20W 180
  United Kingdom Camborne CBR Regional full operation 50.22N 5.32W 88
  United Kingdom Eskdalemuir EDM Regional full operation 55.20N 3.20W 242
  United Kingdom Glen Dye GLD Regional full operation 56.97N 2.58W 85
  United Kingdom Great Dun Fell GDF Contributing full operation 54.68N 2.45W 847
  United Kingdom Harwell HRL Contributing full operation 51.57N 1.32W 137
  United Kingdom Hemsby HBY Contributing closed 52.68N 1.68E 14
  United Kingdom High Muffles HMS Regional full operation 54.33N 0.80W 267
  United Kingdom Ladybower LBR Contributing full operation 53.40N 1.75W 420
  United Kingdom Lerwick SIS Regional full operation 60.13N 1.18W 84
  United Kingdom Lough Navar LNR Regional full operation 54.43N 7.90W 130
  United Kingdom Lullington Heath LNH Regional full operation 52.00N 0.50E 50
  United Kingdom Manchester MCR Contributing full operation 53.47N 2.23W 76
  United Kingdom Narberth NBH Contributing full operation 51.78N 4.70W 160
  United Kingdom Oxford OXD Regional closed 51.75N 1.18W 140
  United Kingdom Prestwick PWK Contributing intermittent operation 55.50N 4.61W
  United Kingdom Reading RDG Regional full operation 51.44N 0.94W 66
  United Kingdom Ridge Hill RGL Regional full operation 52.00N 2.54W 204
  United Kingdom Sibton SBN Regional full operation 52.28N 1.45E 46
  United Kingdom Somerton SMN Contributing full operation 51.77N 3.05W 55
  United Kingdom Stoke Ferry SFY Regional full operation 52.57N 0.50E 15
  United Kingdom Strath Vaich STV Regional full operation 57.73N 4.78W 270
  United Kingdom Tacolneston Tall Tower TAC Regional full operation 52.52N 1.14E 56
  United Kingdom Weybourne Atmospheric Observatory WAO Regional full operation 52.96N 1.13E 21
  United Kingdom Wicken Fen WKF Contributing full operation 52.30N 0.30W 5
  United Kingdom Yarner Wood YRW Regional full operation 50.70N 3.72W 119
  United States Ocean Station Charlie Regional closed 54.00N 35.00W 0
  United States Ocean Station M STM Regional full operation 66.00N 2.00E 4
  VII - Antarctica
  Argentina Belgrano II BLG Regional full operation 77.88S 34.63W 255
  Argentina Doctor Sobral DSB Regional closed 81.07S 40.50W 100
  Argentina Jubany JBN Regional full operation 62.24S 58.67W 15
  Argentina Marambio MBI Regional full operation 64.24S 56.62W 198
  Argentina San Martin SMT Regional full operation 68.13S 67.10W 30
  Australia Casey CYA Regional full operation 66.28S 110.5E 51
  Australia Davis DAS Regional full operation 68.58S 77.97E 2
  Australia Law Dome LAD Regional unknown 66.73S 112.8E 1390
  Australia Mawson MAA Regional unknown 67.60S 62.87E 20
  Australia Wilkes WKS Regional closed 66.25S 110.5E 12
  Belgium Base King Baudoin BKB Regional closed 70.43S 24.32E 38
  Belgium Princess Elisabeth station PES Regional intermittent operation 71.95S 23.35E 1350
  Chile Marsh (King George Island) MKG Regional closed 62.18S 58.30W 20
  China Zhong Shan ZOS Contributing full operation 69.37S 76.37E 71
  France Concordia, Dme C DCC Contributing full operation 75.10S 123.3E 3233
  France Dumont d'Urville DDU Regional full operation 66.66S 140.0E 40
  Germany Neumayer NMY Global full operation 70.67S 8.27W 42
  India Maitri MTR Regional full operation 70.46S 11.45E 330
  Japan Mizuho MZH Contributing closed 70.70S 44.30E 2230
  Japan Syowa SYO Regional full operation 69.00S 39.58E 21
  Korea, R. of King Sejong KSG Regional full operation 62.22S 58.78W 0
  New Zealand Arrival Heights ARH Regional full operation 77.83S 166.7E 184
  New Zealand Hallett HAL Regional closed 72.32S 170.2E 5
  New Zealand Scott Base SBS Regional full operation 77.85S 166.8E 16
  Russian Federation Mirny MIR Regional closed 66.55S 93.00E 30
  Russian Federation Novolazarevskaya-Forster NLZ Regional closed 70.77S 11.87E 110
  Russian Federation Vostok VST Regional closed 78.27S 106.5E -1
  Ukraine Faraday-Vernadsky FAD Regional full operation 65.25S 64.26W 10
  United Kingdom Argentine Islands ARI Regional closed 65.25S 64.27W 10
  United Kingdom Halley HBA Global full operation 75.62S 26.18W 30
  United Kingdom Rothera ROT Contributing full operation 67.57S 68.12W 30
  United States Byrd BYR Regional closed 80.03S 119.5W 1528
  United States Little America LAM Regional closed 78.00S 162.0W 44
  United States McMurdo MCM Regional full operation 77.85S 166.7E 11
  United States Palmer Station PSA Regional full operation 64.77S 64.05W 10
  United States South Pole SPO Global full operation 90.00S 24.80W 2841
  Uruguay Artigas ART Regional full operation 62.18S 58.90W 10